Developed by J. Morris Anderson

(PRAYER OF POSITIVITY LEADER : Reads) Dear God of us all who seek success. In order to enjoy a fruitful life,  we come to you through the Prayers of Positivity, asking  you  to cause us to relax and release all negative tension from our mental, spiritual & physical selves. This, phenomenon, so we may reap the Sweet Fragrant Flowers of success. 

STEP 1:  All success seekers: Take a deep breath now, and spread your  legs comfortably under a table or in front of your chair.

A. Close your eyes – not too tightly – let your top lid rest on the bottom lid. Take a  deep breath in through your nose while raising  your right leg. As

    you exhale the air, (always through your nose) let  your right leg fall down on the floor as if  it dropped because of  being too heavy.

B. Keep your eyes closed and take another deep breath - holding the wind in  with your eyes  closed - Now, raise your left leg, then, let it fall on the 

    floor as you let the air out,  as if it dropped because of being too heavy.

C. Repeat above step, using both legs at the same time. (remember to in hale through your nose and exhale through your mouth)

D. Keep your eyes closed. Take another deep breath. Let  your back rest  against the back of your seat and be comfortable as you let the air out

    and act as if the back of the chair is holding up your back.

E. Again, take a deep breath and hold the air in for a second. As you let the air out, let  your head and neck rest on your shoulders, as if you weren’t responsible for holding up your head.  Let your head and neck rest  straight up, but comfortably on your shoulders – then, take another deep breath. Hold the air in and  count (to yourself) to 25 – each time you  count concentrate on your total body being relaxed.

F. Take another deep breath, hold the air in, and at the same time, bend  your left arm and lift it up almost even with your shoulder.  As you let the air out, let your left arm drop as if it were too heavy for you to hold.

G. Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold the air in, and at the same time bend your right arm and lift it up almost even with your shoulder, and as you let the air out through your mouth, let your right   arm drop on your lap, as if it were  too heavy  to hold.

H. Repeat above step using both arms simultaneously.

I.  Without moving any limb on your body, and without concentrating on anything but relaxing – take another deep breath in through  your nose now, let the air out through your mouth,  and take the index finger on your right  hand and feel your stomach muscle – if it is hard – you  are not  relaxed -  in the event it is soft – you have become relaxed and can successfully address God in A Pray of Positivity and accomplish all  your objectives.

J. Keep your eyes closed.  Now feel (in your mind) your right leg relaxed, now your right arm, now feel your left leg relaxed, now your left arm, now feel your neck relaxed, and finally, your entire body.  Now, take another deep breath, in through your nose.  Hold the air in and count  to 25. Each time you count concentrate all your mental, spiritual and physical resources on relaxation. Let  the air out through your mouth,   Now,  don’t you feel good?

When you concentrate on this exercise and prepare yourself for the ultimate and most efficient communication with God through the Powerful Prayers of Positivity, you will have mastered the treasured secret of relaxation and you will have freed up all your mental, spiritual and physical resources to focus on your Communication with God,  through the Prayers of Positivity. At this point, youwill find, your prayers working miraculous  wonders for you. Remember, It only takes one sixtieth of a second to go from a relaxed state of mind and body to a tense bundle of nerves – therefore, you must always check yourself for tension, and pray to God, to help you relax.



In the spirit dictated by the Prayers of  Positivity,
Please do your part to help  finance the war against
teenage violence. Hurry and,