2o days of the Prayers of Positivity can Open any closed door which you desire to enter. Say these prayers daily and feel God’s Power of Positivity alive inside you. Say the prayers in 20 day cycles and the exhilaration of the power of positivity will allow you to solve all problems plaguing your life, including, but not limited to, an improved love life.


















                                                THE TENTH DAY

Morning – At the First Blush of Day

Almighty God of Goodness Supreme, as I approach the tenth day of my awakening to  the wonders of Your Spirit, I thank You, O King, for enabling me to tackle my work with   the positive, mental, spiritual and physical attitude necessary for me to have  succeeded up to now.
I pray for You to bless those who are unable physically to go to work  with the identical  spiritual and mental attitude You have   granted unto me O God of my Survival.
Additionally, God, I pray that You stimulate the old, protect the young, and enable them all to enjoy all the identical blessings that You and only You, My God, have bestowed upon me, My Savior. 
In Your Holy Name, I  offer  these  prayerful thanks to You, my Holy Father in  Heaven,   Amen.

                                   At the Quickening Fall of Day

O Merciful God, as I prepare to retire, I thank You again in prayer and offer all praises up unto You, O GOD OF MIGHT and GRACIOUSNESS, for providing me with the wisdom to concentrate on my  mental, spiritual and physical growth and development which causes me happiness and provides me with unlimited amounts of joyous energy and fulfillment. 

In Your Sacred Name, I pray,   Amen.









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