These Powerful Prayers of Positivity  are offered as a direct  and specific cycle of communication between you and God. It is necessary to pray morning, noon and night, daily, lest you interrupt communication with the Being on which your daily living urgently depends. God hears your prayers in any language and blesses you in the language in which only you can interpret.  Respectively, when  a magnitude of identical prayers are resounded to God, His Blessings come forth superabundantly.

It follows then, that the purpose of the Prayers of Positivity is to cause millions upon millions of 20 day cycles of  the same prayers to be addressed to God Almighty.

Undoubtedly, this avalanche of prayers  will cause an avalanche of blessings.

It makes no difference whether you say the  prayers aloud or inside yourself,  for, God is transcendental, He is personal and HE lives inside you. Therefore, HE hears all the prayers regardless of how,  where or when they are transmitted.



















                                        THE SIXTH DAY

When the Daylight has gone behind the Clouds

Dear God, of understanding and perseverance,    who blesses those who ask not for blessings,  who understands those who do not understand,   who knows the secrets of all life,   who loves the unlovable,  who touches the untouchable, and,   who forgives the unforgivable,   Please embed into my mental, spiritual and physical being the empathy necessary to cause a little laughter where there is   sorrow, to inject a little love where there is hate, and to replace   tears of sadness with tears of joy.  In the name of God, the destroyer of all negativity,  I pray,  Amen

                                                                  AT NIGHT

When My Work has Ended

O God,  as I transcend into sleep, please rid me of selfishness and   bless those who have thought and are thinking of  me. 
Please spread Your love to all my loved ones, bless my family,   friends, peers, colleagues, and all for whom it  is my duty to  pray
For the sake of  God fearing fellowship, I pray, Amen.







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