You may recite these Powerful Prayers of Positivity alone, in a croud, at a meeting, at home, at work, at play, It makes no difference whether you say the prayers, recite them aloud or inside yourself.  For, God is always listening. He is Almighty and He is your personal God who is available 24/7

HE is always at work inside of you.
Therefore, HE hears all your prayers regardless of their place of origination.
















                                        THE SEVENTH DAY

                                 In the morning when I’m eager to start

O God, and Ruler of the Universe, make me listen today to all talkers, make me know that more than I have something to say. When I listen, O Prominent God, please cause me to understand   that there are two sides to every story.
God, please avail me of Your Divine wisdom, so I  am objective   when I analyze the qualities of myself and  the qualities of others.
God, please deliver me to the point where I never look for the bad  qualities in others, and God, please elevate my attitude to the point   wherein I never concentrate on the weaknesses of others.
And, God of Greatness, I pray for You to please cause me to spend my time   dwelling upon and building the good qualities in myself, Amen.


When My Work has Ended

When my Body is tired and my Spirit High

Thanks for the blessings You bestowed upon me, my ever-living   God.  I am aware that by my having earnestly petitioned You to   deliver me from all negative utterances, I have become a  better   human being, and my positive spiritual improvements have become contagiously spread to others.
I thank You, God, for allowing me to share Your throne of grace. In Your Superb Name,   I pray, Amen





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