Once you begin living your life through the powerful prayers of Positivity, you must  infallibly and unwaveringly believe with the utmost persis-tence that God, in fact,  will answer each one of your individual prayers In His own time.

Therefore, it is unconditional that you immediately thank Him for all the specific bless-ings you  asked of  Him when you prayed a prayer of Positivity. This, as if the prayers were already  answered

                                         Second Day

                 As I Awaken to the melodious Chirping of the  Birds

True Omnipotent one of might, please cause me to welcome this glorious day as a brand new adventure full of Your blessings.

Almighty God, make me continually understand that it is through Your omnipotence and unlimited supremacy that I will experience and enjoy positive episodes in my life today.
Help me, O God, appreciate each occurrence to which You expose me  as a positive element of Your love.
Help me, my Good God, to maintain it in my mind, that each situation I   encounter today is a specific result of Your blessing, O Supreme one.
And finally, Gracious God, please enable me to turn all of today’s   experiences into positive opportunities. I pray in the Spirit of Positivity.
And, if it is Your will, Most Powerful one, cause me to secure employment where I earn more money, and work totally in accord with Your Divine plan.  


                                          When Darkness Surrounds Us all

Thank you, Blessed Savior for giving me the insight  to ask You to   provide positive changes in my  life.
Thank You, Lord, for providing me the human effort to relate to my   loved ones with a new attitude.
As I go into slumber tonight, O Majestic God, please neutralize my   resistance to this changing world, and cause me to view all the elements of life with an unobstructed mind, void of bias and dogma. And,   God, after all is said and done, please massage my soul with Your divine therapy tonight, so that I may Sow the Seeds of Positivity mentally, spiritually and physically as Your servant forever .  Amen





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