For a prayer of Positivity to cause you to accomplish all the most unpleasant tasks of the day,  start your morning with prayer and ask the Allmighty to help you get your objectives behind you. Tell the Him in a Prayer of Positivity what your difficult tasks are.  He will provide you with a constant flow of energy and interest in your work to accomplish your goals for the day.  Through the power of the Prayer of Positivity, you will be enabled to maintain the  positive thoughts in your mind necessary to keep your life flowing fruitfully through the span of time that only HE allots you

                                                    THIRD DAY
                             As a new day unfolds unto my life

O Sacred God, please cause me to grow today in Your image, Lord.   Make me aware and appreciative, God, that You have provided new and   positive dimensions of expansion to the precious life You gave me. Further, Almighty One, I beseech You to expand my mental and   spiritual insight  so that my perception remains clear and fit for all the   tasks You assign me.
Then, God, Give me quickened mental and spiritual thought so that   I may act favorably and in a timely manner for the good of me and   my loved ones.
And God, please make me more knowledgeable of myself inwardly  and outwardly today, so I may face life in a more  positive vein. Amen.

Before I Retire


I thank You ever-living Life Force for inspiring me to act differently today
  because I am different. 
Most righteous God, my belief in You has added unswerving purpose   and new meaning to what I accomplished today, and I thank You, Invincible One for all Your blessings.
You have made my life meaningful and enabled me to see humanity and   individuality in others, O Compassionate God, and I owe my  eternal  existence  to the furtherance of Your eternal causes.
And Dear God, before I turn in, allow me to thank You for loving me.   Amen.

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