Remember this web site and use it as one of your daily activities.

Cause others to click on it and Pray The Prayers of Positivity.

The more prayers you cause to be sent to God, the more blessings you will receive. 

Cause everyone you encounter to create a circle of twelve people to address God through the 20 day Cycle of the Powerful Prayers of Positivity. ThisIdenticle to what Jesus did when he chose his 12 deciples   to say the Lord’s Prayer which has been spread throughout the world to millions upon millions of followers.

                                        THE FOURTH DAY

In the Morning When the Sun Moves Upward toward the sky

O Faultless Lord and Host of Life, please enable me to exist with   love in a world of Your people.
O God, King of Love, healer of the sick, and blesser of the poor, rich  and foolish, please give me a personality that is pleasing.
And, God, please cause it to remain in my mind forever, that all children of the world are Your children, (God’s) and, I pray that You will cause me to spread love today to all Your children whom I  encounter. My Lord, blesser of the poor, hungry,  and destitute, please cause  
  my attitude with others today, to reflect my love for You.   In Your name, I pray, Amen.


                                                                  AT NIGHT

At the Setting of the Sun

My Immortal Protector and Savior, Son of God, I  praise You for   causing me to accept myself positively and without doubt, and I   beseech You, Omnipotent  God, to cause others to accept me in   like manner.
And, God, I remain truly and totally grateful for Your Holy care, and I  pray in Your name tonight,   Amen.
 Prayers of  Positivity






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