Praying for Mental, Spiritual and Physical Development:

Pray a prayer of positivity every morning. Pray another Prayer of Positivity nightly. Plan all your days with the Power of the Prayers of Positivity and experience massive blessings bestowed be upon you.

The powers of Positivity will guide you successfully through the most busy life. But where prayer is no part of your most well conceived plans, chaos will dominate and frustrate your life. Use these Powerful Prayers of Positivity in Twenty Day Cycles. At the end of each cycle, begin another 20 Day Cycle of Prayer until the Prayers of Positivity are the dominant and most active force in your life.

                                                         FIRST DAY
                                  When I open my eyes in the morning

       O God, cast all negative thoughts from my mind. Allow my day to start enthusiastically with an attitude of Positivity. Help me, Lord, not to procrastinate, but to engage myself cheerfully into my business.

     God, please cause me, to concentrate on my business in the spirit of Positivity, and leave the affairs of others alone.

     O great creator, cause me to make positive statements about others. 
O God, please cause me to admire the well-being of others.

      Cause me, My maker, to concentrate on my own success and prevent me from ever spending negative time desiring advantages possessed by others.
Finally, O Blessed Architect of my life, please prevent me from craving what others have, and cause me to expend my energy accumulating more for myself.
I ask these blessings as I Pray this Prayer of Positivity, and look forward to Reaping the Flowers of Success..


                                                                 AT NIGHT

     O God, originator of all that I am, I thank You for the blessings of life that have been bestowed upon me today.

      With positive dreams  I relax in sleep tonight, Amen.
I thank You for enabling me to think positively throughout the day.

     Thank You my maker, for giving me the perception to distinguish between good and evil and I ask You ardently, O God, to fill my body with positive dreams as I relax in sleep tonight. Amen.

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