Saying these prayers of Positivity in 20 day cycles will cause you to earn as much money as you desire.

These prayers will enable you to rid yourself of drug, alcohol and cigarette addictions. Daily readings of 2o days of the  Prayers of Positivity will improve your physical, mental & spiritual health, plus  job performance. Daily recitations of these prayers will deliver you safely through the darkest day, stress  free, and without tension.

Say these prayers in 20 day cycles, practice the prayer exercise herein, and be guaranteed that  relaxation and life‘s pleasures will abound your life.

















                                        THE EIGHTH DAY

Before the break of Day

Sacred God , please bless me and grant me power to control  my  negative habits and cure my harmful addictions.
When I crave cigarettes, let me relax & overcome my human errors.
If my body craves cocaine or crack, let me move my body (its  your temple, God) away from the dangers of toxic drugs.  f my body craves heroin, or amphetamines, cause me to say “No“. 
  God, cause my body to desire healthy food so I can spread  love with a healthy blood pressure. God, if I crave poisonous drugs, have me say, ”No,” & Let me  take J. Morris Anderson’s Oath of Positivity:
Dear God, my actions and my attitudes will always reflect positivyity in my mind.
My Physical appearance will always reveal my positive mental attitude toward life.
My straight, cheerful, manner of walking will exemplify the  positive direction my life has taken.
My eloquent manner of talking will always relate the  positive   mental, spiritual and physical forces that  reside within me.
My illustrious smile will always express the pleasure I receive   from living.
The positive look in my eyes will always indicate the self-confidence and positive spirits inside me. 
Therefore, I CAN perform any task; I CAN sell any  product; ICAN  succeed in any job; I CAN cause any relationship to thrive;
I CAN overcome any obstacle; I CAN accomplish any objective; I AM a  positive mental, spiritual and physical  person; I am spiritually capable of succeeding; I CAN successfully compete on any mental level;
I WILL succeed on any physical level of activity in which I  engage.

Thank You, God, for enabling  me to rest peacefully,  Amen.








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