Marvin A. Smith, President & C E O


1.  To hold weekly afternoon "Mentoring Amazing Leaders for excellence" (MALE) and
      manhood (responsibility) group training sessions for African-American Male Children.

2.  To invite African-American Male professionals to come in and speak with our African-
     American Male Children at least once a month.  

3. To discuss relevant issues which affect the African-American community (television,
     computer, radio, newspapers, books, etc.)

4. To visit a local prison and participate in a group discussion with several African-American
    inmates whose messages will be designed to deter African-American Males from a life of

5. To require African-American Males to read a book and write a review of the book they
    read, and have a continuous responsibility to always be reading a book.

6. To arrange “Dress for Success” corporate visits for African American Male Children.

7. To organize an academic tutorial program in math, science, and English. We will solicit
     volunteer services from African-American fraternities and other sources.

8. To require African-American Males to maintain a weekly journal, recording writing      assignments, experiences, and favorable and other impressions.

9. To prepare an oratorical presentation about African-Americans in the field of medicine,
    law, science, business, education, entertainment, politics, sports or another
    important field.

10.To organize a weekly "Student Banking Day." All money is to be
     deposited in an African-American bank.

11.To plan an African American Father/Son night out on a quarterly basis.

12.To establish an African-American Big-Brother Partnership Program with 5-18 year old
     African-American Male Children.

13.To develop a business proposal by the end of the school year for African­-American Male
     Children. Establish a "Student Entrepreneurial Association (SEA)".

14.To organize a community project designed to help African-American Male Children to work
     with senior citizens, their Elders.

15.To sponsor a career awareness seminar, inviting African-American Male Professionals in
      the fields of education, business, medicine, communications, law, engineering, politics,
      sports and other fields.

16.To sponsor field trips to places like City Hall courts, children's foster homes, City Council
     meetings, the United Nations, a State Government session and the U.S. Congress in
     Washington D.C. and have all of the African-American Male Children attend.

17.To organize, develop and implement a quarterly fundraising program and require each of
      the African-American Males to participate.

18.To organize a Father/Son Forum in which all of the African-American Males and their
     Fathers, Grandfathers, or other significant African-American Males are expected to

19.To establish a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Action in which all of the African-American
     Male Children are expected to participate.

20.To use profanity or vulgarity is not acceptable at any time. African- American Male
     Children will respect one another and their Elders at all times.

21.To refrain from name calling, teasing, degrading or bullying anyone under any
22.To abstain from calling out or loud outbursts during group sessions.

23.To conduct oneself with discipline and self-control at all times.

24.To be on time for every meeting, and be an active participant. Make a commitment to
     cooperate and work within the group at all times.

25.To participate in a "Rites of Passage Ceremony" at the conclusion of the school year.