GOALS OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN MEN 1000
                                      Marvin A. Smith, President & C E O

  1. To effectively implement a successful Dads United to Keep Our Children In School (DUKOCIS) Program for African-American males five (5) years old to eighteen (18) years old. We will provide support to older male adults in special cases.
  2. To positively influence the lives of African-American Children who will make a commitment to apply the knowledge and principles taught in the program.
  3. To assist African-American males in their responsible decision-making through thought provoking examination of life issues with Volunteer Male Mentors.
  4. To assist African-American males to understand their role in order to maximize their growth and development. To help them realize the responsibility they have to their family, community, the general society and to themselves.
  5. To provide an environment where African-American Male Children can best utilize their skills, talents, and abilities in leadership development and expression.
  6. To develop a “Mentoring Amazing Leaders for Excellence” (MALE) group session. This Mentorship Program will encourage African-American Male Children to be strong, positive African-American male role models.
  7. To help African-American Males to develop effective decision-making and goal setting skills, enabling them to handle issues with which they are confronted.
  8. To enhance the general perception of African-American Males throughout the year, wherever they go. They will be prepared to serve in key leadership positions in school and in the community where they live.
  9. To motivate and inspire African-American Males to excel academically and to be recognized as honor roll students each report card period during the school year.
  10. To provide a social and recreational outlet for African-American Males in an environment centered around building positive relationships with their peers, teachers, administrators and their Parents.
  11. To enhance the African-American Males' knowledge of the African-American (Black) family. They must learn the history of our people from 1619 to the present time, with emphasis on their own immediate families and lineage.
  12. To inspire and direct African-American Males toward positive Africentric values, and help them to begin planning for their future careers.
  13. To guide African-American Males through time management skills. They must be acquainted with the necessary steps of organization they will need in order to successfully complete tasks put before them in life.
  14. To maximize African-American Males' cognizance of their own sexuality and how it relates to responsibility, self-esteem and their future careers.
  15. To hold weekly afternoon "Mentoring Amazing Leaders for Excellence” (MALE) and manhood and responsibility group training sessions.