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         In order to put a lid on the problem of bullying, parents must make the eradication of bullying a priority in the upbringing of  their children. Children must be taught not to stand silently and watch others become victimized by the bully syndrome. Moreover, victims of bullying often inflict violent pain and death upon themselves. It’s got to be traumatic to awaken in the morning and know you will be bullied. How can the bullied look forward to making it successfully through the day?

         In many instances, when children are loners and not allowed to  socialize with any other children by their parents, they  often adopt a no-confidence  mentality when forced to interact with unknown children. Off times, they hide behind a façade of defensive and aggressive techniques. This, mainly to remain away from the crowd, and not be forced to uncomfortably interact with their peers.

         There are many negative effects suffered in early and  later life by those who are bullied. Many victims of Bullying develop the mind-set of, “I’ll get these guys when I grow up”, or, “I’ll show these guys, I’ll get me a gun.”

         Imagine the emotional letdown of a child who, in order to get to school each day, must  walk by a certain corner in ghastly fear– knowing if he sees a certain bully, he’ll have to fight, and he doesn’t want to fight. All the child  wants to do is go to school. He decides, when he grows up, he wants to be a policeman – he surmises, “ I’ll get a badge, and, I’ll be the bully  and I’ll never be afraid anymore”.

        I once knew a young man who was good looking,  strong and athletic, but was unable to communicate and socialize effectively with his peers, especially members of the opposite sex. So, when he couldn’t find anything to say to keep a conversation going he would pinch a prospective girl friend, and turn her off, or bully his male counterparts, and find himself  socially isolated.

        There is absolutely  nothing wrong with men teaching  boys how to use their minds, and the power of their intellect, to non-violently solve their social problems.

        For our children to benefit  from the AIP rules and tools of non-violence and look forward to a successful life, children must be unconditionally  taught via a specific schedule by their parents to abstain from involving themselves in anything designed to cause damage or agony to another person.

        Children must be effectively  trained to stand up against  bullying. They must be caused to understand that making other people feel badly or sad is  absolutely not  the means by which to fit in and be accepted by the crowd.

        Youngsters must be taught to understand that  off times when  one person stands up for what is right, it can  inspire others to follow, and eliminate a horrific incident of bullying.

                                ELIMINATING THE BULLY SYNDROME     

     Many children, unfortunately, develop an earned sense of entitlement which they derive from flawed parental upbringing, their unperfected educational environments, and blemished peer relationships. Therefore, they go out and bully others. The bullies feel they possess an entitlement to anything they want from others. However, these bullies should be made accountable for their selfish, unjustifiable, and wanton  mis-directed application of the rules of society. There is a desperate need to stop coddling the bully for his callous, despicable, and wrong doing acts. The school systems should stop mistakenly punishing the victim along with the bully. To cause the bully to fully understand, and correct his mis-deeds, the school principals should investigate and discover which child is the bully, and which child is the victim, then issue exclusive punishment accordingly, thus, re-leaving the victim of punishment from the bully and the school system.  This would cause the bully to specifically understand his accountability, and the consequences of  his aggressive behavior.. There is a pressing need for the bully to be prompted, and motivated to work and earn what he wants.

      Lack of discipline is a significant cause of aggression and violence. Many kids suffer from the negative selfish syndrome of self-entitlement. In many instances, lack of parental presence with children who are primarily left to the care of non-parents, is the cause of many instances of children’s feelings that they are not loved. As a result, this emotion stimulates many forms of disciplinary problems and acts of   childhood aggression.  Many kids are aggressive because of a lack of self-control, a lack of discipline, and  a lack of  respect for authority. Often, a lack of participation in positive activities, including, activities that provide physical and mental exercise, is the culprit. Sedimentary acts of  sitting and  watching  violent video games provides a glaring example of  the making of a bully.

     Many aggressive children come from an environment where their needs are not met. There should be foreseen, and unavoidable consequences imposed on a child for the bad behavior of picking on someone mentally or physically. When a child is not disciplined for bad behavior, dealing with life will become  increasingly difficult for him. He will not know how to handle the basic trials and tribulations that occur in life, such as  rejection, failure, and  negative responses to him. 




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