How does man  change the status quo of his life. He must forge a strong determin-ation to bring poverty to a screeching halt.

This, by latching onto a sincere and strong connection from within the corridors of his mind.

Once he sets objectives and does the assiduousness necessary to accomplish his goals, his status in life will soar to heights unlimited.

The man who is poor deserves to be poor by virtue of not immediately using the tools within himself to change his econo-mic condition.

Whether the man earns a hundred thousand dollars per week or a thousand dollars per week, does he not deserve what he receives?

If a man is without money-does he not want to be without money more than he wants to be with money?

Does he not have an immediate choice to change the status of his life? Could he work harder? Could he educa-tionally prepare himself? Or, on the other hand, could he beg? Could he borrow? Could he steal? Could he be a prostitute? Could he throw himself on the mercy of the State? Could he cry for help? His choices cost him nothing.

If he refuses to instantaneously exercise an option of positivity to secure money, he wants to be without money more than he wants to be with money.

Many complain about the frustra-tions of a low paying job, yet never spend their free time looking for better emloyment.

Do they not deserve what they earn for themselves?

Many complain that their spouses are cruel and don't love them, yet they crawl into the same bed night after night, month after month, year after year. Do they not deserve to be treated cruelly and without love? D0 they not contribute to their plight? Do they  seek misery, pain and grief, or do they instantan-eously seek relief?


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                  Your most essential step in effective listening is to consistently use your M +  S + PA proficiency to expand the depth of your listening comprehension. This will enable you to pay attention to each word and  become instantly attuned  to what is said while you exclude  all the insignificant clatter attempting to steal your attention. You should practice repeating in your mind the idea of what you heard.,  Constant practice of this will enable you to automatically confirm your understanding of what the other person said.

                The next time you're communicating, before you respond to what is being said to you, take as much time as is necessary to totally assimilate an understanding of that which is spoken to you.

               Use every tool you can muster  to  successfully understand what others are saying. Don't be too anxious to respond with your own outlook on the subject. Many people are so selfishly concerned with what they wish to say that they refuse to listen to the points of view of what others are saying to them.

                You should practice repeating in your mind the thoughts of what you heard.  Constant practice of this will enable you to automatically confirm your understanding of what the other person said.

                The point is, don't be guilty of refusing to understand what others are saying because all of your concentration is on stating your own points.

                One of your greatest assets when listening with your ears is to employ  your eyes as a silent listening tool. It will amplify your listening power. Therefore, it’s extremely important that  you look at a speakers non-non-verbal statements revealed by his eyes, his movements, and meaningful expressions he is sending you. Sometimes its advantageous to look and listen between the words.

               The personnel department of an intelligence agency would be wise to be more concerned with an agent's ability to listen and understand than with his ability to talk. An undercover agent must possess the positive listening traits that won't cause others to conceal their ideas, fears, selfish motives and emotions. His job requires him to come across positively so that he won't antagonize people by arguing mentally, spiritually or physically with them. He must get into the mental groove of others. He must be capable of judging the effect of his presence on them.

                I asked a movie-star friend why women acted as if he were God's gift to the world, why they yielded to his beck and call.

                He said, "It's quite simple, buddy. Some people think it's what you tell a woman; it's the opposite with me. I know how to listen to them. I determine what they want by doing this.

                He smiled confidently, and said, "I never attempt to second-guess the ladies with whom I spend time. It's obvious that they know more about their desires, needs and aspirations than I do. If a woman wants to be treated gently, she'll tell me. If she wants to be catered to, she'll inform me. She might want independence from tender loving care. Then she might desire rough treatment. If you listen compassionately and with adequate understanding, a woman will tell you exactly how to treat her."

               He continued, "My greatest pleasure comes from satisfying women. Therefore I have spent a great deal of time developing scientific techniques to enable me to provide the women in my life with heartfelt satisfaction. When you analyze my techniques, they all relate to my ability to relax with a female and listen, then respond with positive input based on what she has told me."

               When he concluded, I knew without  being aware of it that he was practicing M +  S + PA = U

               Of course, if everyone spent all his time listening, no one would be talking and we would spend our lives in silence. That is why it is so true: "He who listens intelligently is qualified to talk intelligently."


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  If a man has bronchial ail-ments and sinus trouble yet smokes two packages of cigarettes each day, does he not want sinus trou-ble and bronchial disorders?

I knew a man whose friends and associates sympathized with him and made special accommo-dations for him because he had trouble hearing, He once told me he could be capable hear perfectly if he would only have the bones on both sides of his eardrums surgi-cally removed.

I asked him why he did not under-go the operation for the sake of hearing. He replied, "I would lose the advan-tage of being disabled," He is one of the few who admits his desire to main-tain his physical impairment.

I was conducting a seminar in New York City and a young woman told a victim story to the audience. She alleged that she had been laid off her job as a teacher with the New York City Board of Education and it was not her fault. She said she wanted her position badly but there was nothing she could do to reverse the termination of her employment,

I asked her if she had gotten down on her knees before her supervisor and begged for her job, She said. "Absolutely not. I wouldn't do that," I said, "You don't want the job badly enough to exercise all of your options," She finally agreed,

I have witnessed people who suffer the discomforts of obesity. They complain of their misery, yet refuse to curb their appetites, Certainly, they manufacture their misery,

  When I tell many   people that I will   not allow negativity   to enter my body;   that I will never   suffer a heart   attack; that I will   never allow ulcers  to  enter my body;  and  that,  I will live  as  many years as I  so  desire, they look  upon me with  strangeness in their  eyes.