Out of the thousands of sperm that fight for survival, Only the strong and most determined ones inhabit the earth. Only those who decide that death is not an  option survive.  

Man does not begin to live successfully at the time he dreams of success.

Successful living evolves  from a strategic point of what man is at the time of conversion.

Certainly, the entirety of man’s being equals the beginning of his existence, and all the  various stages thru which he will have passed.

So, how does man begin to turn adverse circum-stances into a successful life?

He must first make a decision of positivity: that he will never take no for an answer when it comes to accomplishing the goals and object-ives of his life.

At that point, he will have begun his rise above the structural ele-ments of any and all circumstances which stagnate his growth and development, and he will have developed the capacity to communicate and transfer his accelerated evolution to others.

                          SUCCESSFULLY COMMUNICATE          

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     Once I was invited to a Spanish Speaking Country to supervise a beauty pageant.  The hospitality was extremely warm and I found myself the center of many activities that had been set-up in my honor.

    Although I could not speak the language, my use of MENTAL plus SPIRITUAL plus PHYSICAL attention (M + S + PA) caused me to understand and appreciate everything that went on around me. People express joy, fear, anxiety, grief or happiness in a universal manner. Your response through laughter, smiles, applause, facial and other expressions is universally understood and needs no interpreter.

       When a listener gives no feedback, the speaker has no idea whether  the message has been received and understood. You can also show a speaker you are listening with movement of your body parts, by tilting your head, squinting your eyes, nodding your head. Don’t simply listen, encourage the speaker.

      You can interpret happiness, love or joy in a person without speaking his language. All that is required is that you pay him MENTAL, SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL attention. (M+S+PA).

      I had a chance to see Reverend Ike at the Miss Black America of New York Pageant and he told me how the Pageant was a positive institution. When I told him the Miss Black America Pageant believed in "Sowing the Seeds of Positivity and Reaping the Flowers of Success," Rev. Ike smiled, pointed his finger at me, and said, "You will hear that statement again, young man." His understanding of my philosophy was expressed in extremely positive terms and I was motivated because I knew he was listening to me.

     Therefore, you should always cause the speaker to know  that you have understood exactly what he has attempted to convey.

      By making the person to whom you are talking feel important, YOU become important to that person. But you must use common sense to recognize the fine line between appreciativeness and phoniness. Being genuinely appreciative and a morale-booster will help you in every situation.

      In order to see each situation clearly, you must relax and allow your MENTAL, SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL self to do the work. Then you can objectively understand what is being said. So relax and let the speaker know that what he says is registering - with phrases like: “Oh” or “Oh?” “Really!”  or “Really?  “Isn’t that some-thing”  or “Isn’t that something!” “Is that right?” “Wow!”

     Of course, using these phrases in a monotone or without appropriate facial expressions will uncover your lack of true understanding ...

     No one would dare challenge the statement that each time one truly understands what another person says and means, a seed has been planted that will take root into what is already there and  those roots will grow and develop and appear in different forms. The roots that sprout from a seed will grow either positively into flowers or negatively into weeds.

      The sooner you understand what is being said to you by using your M + S + PA, the greater will be your capacity to foster the healthy growth of the "Seeds of Positivity" and to destroy the “Weeds of Negativity”.


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After man has Sown the Seeds of Positivity and destroyed the Weeds of Negativity, he will find himself enjoying his flower garden of success, and he will come face-to-face with the knowledge and total under-standing that man only attains what he wishes by the energy he spends causing those wishes to come true and be shared.

Hence, he is worthy of whatever Flowers of Success that arise from him having Sown the Seeds. No Flowers of Success are yielded to him  by accident.

I have heard men and, women say, "I'm looking for someone to marry who has great wealth," The majority of such people never speak of making contributions to themselves which will cause them to marry into great wealth.

Consequently, they bypass the first step in accumulating wealth - Sowing the Thought-seeds of Positivity.

These are the people who claim they are anxious to have the con-ditions of their lives improved.

However, they are unwilling to Sow the Seeds of Positivity into their lives and share them in or-der to reap the Flowers of Success.