TO ANSWER QUESTIONS AND WIN

                   Copyright © 1987-2013- J. Morris Anderson- Phila. PA- All Rights Reserved

Your mental possibilities are extraordinary. There's power within you that lives, utilizes and distributes energy. This energy is powered by the Seeds of Positivity. This power is actually productive intelligence." When you learn through the power of relaxation to control the distribution of this power, you will have become a winner. In order to understand how to utilize the energy of the mind and to convert this unlimited energy into vast winnings, you must first understand how it works. Just as humans first tapped the resources of electrical energy, you can tap the resources of your mental energy. There are several corridors through which the energy of the mind flows. To seize control of the mind and win, you must open the corridors which control your mind. They are as follows:

(1)THE CORRIDOR OF CONSCIOUS CHOICE - Through this corridor flows the energy to exercise your will power. (2)THE CORRIDOR OF SENSE PERCEPTION - The energy which flows through this corridor reveals the resources of the physical and material universe to you. (3) THE CORRIDOR OF INTUITION - The energy which flows through this corridor enables you to enjoy direct perception independently of any reasoning process. (4)THE CORRIDOR OF SPIRITUAL PERCEPTION ­The energy which travels through this corridor of the mind keeps you spiritually aware. (5) THE CORRIDOR OF COSMIC MEMORY AND INTELLIGENCE - The energy which travels through this corridor governs your ultimate achievement. This corridor also controls your power to "reproduce and magnify yourself to the most credible heights of human potential.

CORRIDOR ONE: THE CORRIDOR OF CONSCIOUS CHOICE - is a gift bestowed upon you as a human being by which you eliminate yourself from ever being a victim. This corridor enables you to steer clear of making the awful choices that tend to produce devastating consequences. It is my belief that you are responsible for everything good, bad or indifferent that happens to you. By virtue of the energy that flows through your corridor of conscious choice, you make the decision whether you choose to win or a lose. And, you are defined by the choices you make day by day, month by month, and year by year.

CORRIDOR TWO: THE CORRIDOR OF SENSE PERCEPTION - is available to you when you allow it to prevail.  When you open its door and utilize the energy provided by it, you can use all of your superior mental, spiritual and physical assets to win. You can see and feel your audience or your listeners’ reaction to your statements and remain on the winning track. When you open your mental corridor of sense perception, you can feel your audience respond to your statements and counter to your own advantage

CORRIDOR THREE: THE CORRIDOR OF INTUITION – provides you with the spiritual energy and foresight to know what to say; how to say it;  when to say it; and, to whom it must be said. You can perceive what is in good taste because as a human being, the mental corridor of intuition is present inside you. Simply open the door and win with it.

CORRIDOR FOUR: THE CORRIDOR OF SPIRITUAL PERCEPTION – because you are endowed with the highest form of physical life, you are blessed with the power to communicate spiritually.  When you open the door to your corridor of spiritual perception, you will be provided with winning thoughts, answers and actions from within.

CORRIDOR FIVE: COSMIC MEMORY, CREATIVITY, AND INTELLIGENCE When you open the door to this corridor of your mind. you can accomplish any task. You as a human being are blessed with astounding and unfailing intelligence. Open the door. USE YOUR BASIC INTELLIGENCE and you'll win when you undoubtedly want to.

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