HOW TO DEVELOP  THE CONFIDENCE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS AND WIN                      Copyright © 1987-2013- J. Morris Anderson- Phila. PA- All Rights Reserved           

You never need to feel uncomfortable about answering a question again. Ever! But, in order to function as one who can give a clinching, brief, positive and efficient answer, you must take a hard and sincere look at yourself. You must analyze the manner in which you answer questions. Do you answer questions and never look back? Are you satisfied with your answers? Do you give straight answers? Do you give answers based on how you feel? Do you ever feel guilty about answers you gave to certain ques­tions? Do you answer questions based on what you think others want to hear? Do you feel obligated to answer each question which is asked you? Do you relax when you are asked questions? Do you feel self-conscious about seeking clarification on questions which are asked you? Do you feel that you were asked certain questions because you are important?

Developing the ability to answer questions and win with the answers involves a great deal more than simply memorizing some assertiveness techniques and tying them into a few sentences. When you are asked questions, on stage or off, you must control yourself mentally and spiritually. Don't allow anyone in your life to seize control of you by the questions they ask you or statements they make. Don't allow people to extract responses from you which you don't intend to give by the manner in which they ask you questions. When your answers to questions reveal doubt, confusion and a lack of confidence, you are guilty of a lack of total self-control. You are being controlled by the questions as opposed to being in control of your answers.

Hence, the key word is control. If you are not in control of your answers, you are being manipulated by the questions. Questions can control you in many ways if you do not firmly seize control of yourself. You must open the corridors of your mind and cause your experiences to be delivered from your mind to your mouth to your listeners’ ears.
When you know the question’s answer, yet you have problems answering the question, you almost always operate from weakness. This means you haven't developed the self-assurance to say what you mean with confidence. So your answers are controlled by those who you think are smarter or stronger than you.





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